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Does the ‘left hand’ talk to the ‘right hand’ in Council? The saga of Two Tails continues

Over the past 15 months or so Outlook has been following the saga of Two Tails Winery v The Coffs Harbour City Council. A title that is now actually the name of a case currently before the NSW Land and Environment Court.

By The Editor

We have made no bones about it that in our opinion the apparently nit-picking obstacles being placed seemingly endlessly in front of Two Tails are examples of ‘barking mad’ bureaucratic idiocy and are also a handbrake on socio-economic growth in both the Orara Valley and the wider CHCC local government area in general.

I appeared in front of a Council meeting on 12 March, albeit ‘wearing another hat’, arguing how important the winery was to diversifying and improving our tourism offering.

Two Tails Winery, home of Velvets Restaurant which turned three this week. Photo – Trevor Veale, The Coffs Coast Advocate

And ‘lo and behold’ it would appear someone in Council, and the NSW State Government, agrees. Below are screen shots from the Coffs Harbour Draft Regional Plan 2036. Published under the auspices of the State Government but with acknowledged CHCC input.

Sourced from;

Yeah that is pretty much what I said to Council actually! Only with more figures, other data and with ‘bells on’ too!

Do those in Council who helped bring the 2036 Plan together with the State Government talk to their own Council Planning Department or are they operating on different planets, in different time zones and with different agendas?

Feel free to suggest what you think is happening.

It strikes me as being a scene right out of Utopia or Yes Minister actually.

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  1. Bonnie Capell

    2 different silos where middle management clutch at content, trying to maintain “control “ and ownership of ideas. Ludicrous!

  2. Jodie Nancarrow

    It beggars belief that this wonderful establishment cannnot have live music, picnics on their grassed areas or walk through the vines with a glass. Must be the only vineyard/restaurant in NSW to have such ridiculous restrictions placed upon them by a couple of whinging people. Wake up CCHC, let commonsense prevail, why should a business as successful as Two Tails have to cop such ridiculous sanctions.

  3. Instead of calling it Two Tales Wines, perhaps you wouldn’t find so much red tape if you changed the name of your winery. Something like “Knightly Whine” comes to mind.

  4. Vanessa Randall

    Over the past 2 years I have grown from discouraged and totally disillusioned to just feeling let down by a group of councilors who had under election promises, committed to put all their time and effort into making Coffs Harbour stand out in it’s own very unique way, and what have we ended up with (?) a management system that is getting more entangled and top heavy with minds that surely aren’t registered as legal.

    Just because you have some type of degree doesn’t mean that you’re smart. And because you’re smart, it doesn’t mean you have any common sense, so until Council starts using some common sense, everything will “not start” but continue into a downward spiral that soon will be too deep to get out of. All these “improvements” that supposedly have been made within council works should be showing in improvements to roads, pathways and alike with more help given to our local businesses that can encourage tourism. Everyone in council should be held accountable but as I see it no one is.

    Coffs Harbour has the opportunity to become very special with our current local businesses plus to encourage more to open up but we need to help them, the thought that council wanted a civic centre before helping our locals is far beyond my sphere of reasoning.

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