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It’s not Rafferty’s Rules for CEX Entertainment Centre


In an interview with The Coffs Coast Advocate today the CEX Group CEO, John Rafferty, announced that plans by the CEX Group to build an Entertainment Centre have been put on hold.

By Janine Watson

CEx CEO John Rafferty says Entertainment Centre now not a priority. Photo: Coffs Coast Advocate

CEO John Rafferty has confirmed the possibility is becoming less likely, particularly in light of Covid-19. “There is less chance of it happening now, it’s a big investment”, Mr. Rafferty said.

“We have to see if trading gets back to where it was before the shutdown. We’ve been shut for ten weeks so we can’t just expect people to automatically come back into the club. We don’t know how people’s habits will change.”

“With the absence of an Entertainment Centre in plans for the $76.5 million Cultural & Civic Space there’s long been speculation about the CEX CLub’s plans to fill that void. We had been trying to seek a private/public funded arrangement, but there didn’t seem to be too much traction in that area”.

“So we will be thinking about things that are more cost effective for the club right now than an Entertainment Centre. There are better ways to go. We have had a significant dent to our cash flow”.

The CEX Club Coffs Harbour reopened its doors to members only last Monday June 1 after a ten week of being closed.

The club has seven eating areas, a 350 person limit has been imposed based on the 50 customer limit for restaurants across NSW.


Originally published at The Coffs Coast Advocate. Wednesday 3 June 2020. Behind paywall – See;

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  1. Richard McDermott

    Obviously our mayor was sold the idea of CEX building an entertainment centre when she embarked on her journey towards the new Council Chambers with museum and art gallery adjuncts. I wonder if she will now bow to the inevitable, admit this was the case and step back from what would be a disastrous impost on the people of Coffs Harbour for decades to come and for little if any value. It takes a big person in politics to admit error and step away; I wonder if she has what it takes.

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