Council Planning Decision overturned by Court and now also by State Government

A CHCC planning decision that Noubia Pty Ltd appealed last year to the Land and Environment Court and won has now been supported bu the NSW Planning Department.

This means State Government Planning accepted Noubia Pty Ltd’s position too.

The following notice appeared yesterday in one of the last print editions of The Coffs Coast Advocate that will land on our lawns;

Because Council lost the case in the Land and Environment Court they have to pay a set amount of Noubia Pty’s legal costs which were awarded at almost $4.5m.

See our story from August 15 last year on this here; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/?p=32384


  1. Mr Creosote

    This is a Call Out to readers here who would have some idea of how much money has been spent by Coffs Council on litigation over the past ten or so years. That would be estimations of fees paid to law firms as well as for payments for plaintiff compensation. It appears Coffs Harbour City Council may have become one of the most litigious councils in NSW. This seems largely unknown to the general ratepayer and it’s a growing concern that large sums of our money goes recklessly down the drain or rather into the hands of QC’s, SC’s and firms of Solicitors.
    Is the cause of this due to growing disgruntlement by local inhabitants stemming from poor relationships with council’s management or something else ?
    Please don’t hesitate with providing your thoughts.

  2. Bill Jones

    CHCC Note to Self .
    Do not pass GO Do not collect $200 , Go directly to Jail , Bugger we have run out of Get Out Of Jail Free Cards.
    Back to the Monopoly game regardless.

  3. John Cleese

    The council comes through again in flying colours, the planning dept just cost ratepayers $4.5 million for what. Is the planning dept trying to remain busy with fruitless pursuits. I understand development requires council approval but this looks ridiculous.The council needs to pick its battles carefully .I seem to recall a subdivision that council took to court for over three years paid for by ratepayers which sent the landowner broke .Then another environmental proposal that cost over $1 million of ratepayers money, only to be rejected by landowners Then we have a winery have their development rejected at what cost ?Review the planning dept now

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