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No to Council elections this September says OLG

The following is a summary of a report compiled by TripleM Coffs Coast yesterday on the chance of moving the local government elections back to September this year.

The Office of Local Government has responded by saying this could not be done because they argued “there is insufficient time for the NSW Electoral Commission to make the necessary arrangements”.

CCO Editor’s comment; So reschedule the NSW local government elections for November or early December then!

This whole cancelling of NSW elections in 2020 is now starting to reek of an unseemly haste to postpone the elections combined with bureaucratic incompetence.

Queensland ran local government elections about 6 weeks ago, the Eden-Monaro federal seat by-election is scheduled for Saturday 4 July and recently, during a time of Covid19 restrictions, South Korea ran a national parliamentary election that had one of the highest turnouts ever.

People are now mingling in schools and on public transport. And bars, clubs and restaurants will be able to host 50 patrons from next Monday 1 June here in NSW. Yet the OLG and the NSW Elexctoral Commission can’t come up with a more suitable Plan B before the end of this year for the local government elections?

It really is not good enough.


  1. 40cmPedestalFan

    Wondering if the Govt is playing it safe as safe can be. Coming into winter when the virus apparently thrives; a possible second wave, or more; not wanting to be liable in any way.

    But who was it said that given a choice between a conspiracy and incompetence ….

    In any case, major Council projects should not be allowed to continue or start without similarly stringent caution, and some stringent form of checks and balances. You can’t deny the normal checks and balances of a democracy while allowing for a contentious issue, which would normally be dealt with in that democratic proecess, to sail on through.

    Coffs is a ready-made media case to highlight this Ministerial failing.

  2. Spencer Bruskin

    I would hope that the media would pick up on this and demonstrate what an undemocratic arrangement we are now in with no hope of rectifying it for yet another year. At the very least the Council should be prevented from committing ratepayers to major financial debt until we have a chance to vote on it.

    • I’m with you, Spencer. The current imbalance in council is not what ratepayers signed up for at the last election. Shelley Hancock needs to step in to ensure that either democratic governance is restored, or the present council is placed in caretaker mode.

  3. Note that the Feds can hold a by election in Eden Monaro without a problem. NSW must take action to give us a properly composed Coumncil

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