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Cr Sally Townley on Coffs Waste Crisis Costing Council $68,000 a Week

The following is an interview Cr Sally Townley had this morning with Moffee on TripleM about the waste management crisis that has seen Coffs Harbour shipping red bin waste to Tamworth at a potential cost of $3.24m a year.

Click on this link to hear the interview; https://omny.fm/shows/triple-m-coffs-breakfast/sally-waste

The following comment by Rob Trezise on this was posted on the Coffs Coast News and Views Facebook page earlier today;

“While the NSW Government is partly to blame Cr. Townley, look at the Council’s Executives who for almost ten years have seen the land fill at Coffs having an end of life looming, but done very little to source another site.

They entered into long term contracts without any get out clauses in case things changed. What did they do about the stench from the waste depot for how many years ?

Don’t think that blaming the Government and then asking them for millions to solve the problem is going to wash.

The person who should be fronting the microphone & cameras is the General Manager. He cannot duck his responsibility as the man in charge of our city and his duty to explain his role.”


  1. Rikki Bekker

    Rob Trezise’s comment is spot-on.

    This is about a myopic, tunnel visioned inept Council Executive who have known about the impending waste management issue for some time and have done diddly squat about it one suspects. The State Government seem minor culprits in this one to me.

    Remind me again why they get the big bucks they do? Other than playing Machiavillian games so as to get a big mahogany desk in a shiny new building that will saddle ratepayers with debt for eons what value, if you can call it that, do we get out of this GM and his sidekicks?

    And what happened to the land in the Orara Valley the CHCC was rumoured to have purchased for a new waste disposal facility? Did that ever happen?

    It is high time for a review of their positions and contracts in my opinion. I reckon they couldn’t run a bath let alone a functioning Council.

  2. Waste Warrior

    If you look at last years annual report you will see that the Council had over 35 million in waste reserves in their domestic and non-domestic waste accounts.
    Combined with the reduced services they now provide without any reduction in waste charges (yet they would have had a cheaper service with their new waste collection tender), massive amounts of grant funding they have received from the state government for waste reduction initiatives, offers to extend the height of their landfill which would have given them many years capacity plus given them more income, and multiple legal cases with waste service providers it would appear they are a rudderless ship.
    Perhaps the money squirreled away in their accounts is meant for other purposes like big green buildings?

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