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1,100 visitors a day? Really!

Reading through all the posts regarding our proposed ‘Emerald City’ venue has certainly been illuminating. I would like to add the following points concerning the proposed 1100 daily visitors this new venue will see passing through its doors.

By Elisabeth Logan (pictured below)

Due to geographical considerations, Coffs Harbour is not exactly a day trip for anyone living outside the immediate area – Sydney (525k); Brisbane (393k); Newcastle (383k); Tamworth (300k) – so it is extremely unlikely anyone will be driving up/down the highway just to pay us a day visit. In fact, there will realistically only be two types of visitors to Coffs: those staying in the area, or those passing through to other destinations.

If simply passing through, the time these visitors will spend in the Coffs Harbour region will probably be about 2-3 hours max, and personally, I doubt very much they will consider visiting a building stuck in the middle of the CBD, with no views (except of a car park) and nothing particularly exciting about it, when they have so many other options available – the Botanical Gardens, the Jetty Foreshores, Bruxner Park, the Bunker Gallery, Big Banana, Maritime Museum, etc.

However, if staying in the area, it is conceivable they may visit the ‘Emerald City’ art gallery and museum – a change from the beaches and outdoor lifestyle Coffs is famous for. But – more than likely it will be a one-off, never to be repeated visit. After all, what exactly is so exciting about it that would warrant a repeat visit?

As things stand at the moment, I am struggling to see how the ‘Emerald City’ is going to attract anywhere near the estimated 400k visitors a year, because of its rather obvious limitations.

First published at The Citizens Voice Facebook page 23 November 2019

Outlook has published about this specific issue before too. See; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/around-400000-visitors-a-year-to-the-new-cultural-and-civic-centre-in-gordon-street-lets-give-that-claim-a-reality-check/


  1. Let’s get real here !
    Mayor Knight and her Strange Bedfellow GM are doing incredible damage to Coffs Harbour which will all have to be unraveled once they’re gone.
    Word is now spreading outside about what’s playing out in Coffs Harbour.

    • Sydney Media are onto it now I have heard . Whether it be fact or rumour only time will tell!!

      Mayor Denise Knight loves an Audience ,standing ovation and loud applause.

      Her 2019 Waste Management Conference opening speech has been ” Suddenly taken off YouTube on Thursday. It only has 24 views since 19th May. It went viral and was well over 700 views a few days later after being posted across to Coffs Citizens Voice Facebook Page.

      Stay tuned.
      Ray Hadley had ” CRIPPLE GATE” and SECRET WHISPERS”.

      Ms Heather McKinnon called the LGA some degrotory comments at last Council Meeting. Perhaps Ms Heather McKinnon needs to take a look at her best buddy Mayor Denise Knights behaviour caught on audio tape and now You Tube….before making Judgement. Be Brave Ms Heather Mckinnon and remember …PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES !!!

  2. David Roberts

    Mayor Knight & fellow supporters.
    The vocal 15,000 plus “minority” have taken the time to voice their opinions/concerns about this project. I have not seen or heard of 15,000 plus uniting with a similar gesture of support for this project.
    Makes me wonder how much support it really has.
    There are so many questionable aspects to this & other council approvals that one wonders what motivates decision-making within “our” council ????

  3. David Roberts has a point. Where is the petition of 15,000+ in support of the Coffs Cultural and Civic Space. Do those in power on Council consider such a show of support (if it exists at all) is unnecessary? After all, through the Mayor’s casting vote they have the balance of power. The generally accepted convention of maintaining the status quo when a vote is tied has not been followed on this issue unless it suits those in the position of power.

  4. Maybe if Coffs was an RV friendly town and attracted grey nomads you may get some more visitors. But the town Is unfriendly and doesn’t offer very much at all.
    Total waste of money.

    • Your observations are valuable Jen. Are you a resident or visitor? This council has been chasing tourists and investors away for years – hence the stagnation and perceived need to reinvigorate the city with this multi-million dollar folly.

  5. Tell her she’s dreamin’.


    I agree and support all comments above.
    I did get to see the “performance ” on youtube of our “ESTEEMED MAYOR”, squirming in my chair with embarrasment . Does she thinks she is a “budding comedian”? What a lack of integrity and respect for her role as “Mayor”, to address an International Seminar in this way.

    I am appalled (as I guess 15,000 + petitioners are) and personally insulted by being descibed as someone who doesn’t uderstand ecconomics.
    I may not have a degree in ecconomics but I sure as hell know what I can afford to spend my money on, BUT isn’t it said that it’s easy to spend it when it’s someone elses money. We all know that one of the first questions a bank will ask you is ” what income does the project generate?” The GORDON STREET project brings in ZERO DOLLARS.
    What arrangement has been done with the C.EX CLUB. They will build the Entertainment centre BUT only if the Gordon Street goes ahead! What does that tell us? Sounds like something has been discussed. There is much that is agreed to behind closed doors. This info goes back to a Council meeting a few months ago. The only part to generate income and council gives it away!!!! DOESN’T MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE , can anyone explain that to me.
    I had better book in and get that degree in economics – that will give me all the answers. (This was pointed out to all us ” drongos” recently, by a leading member of FOG who IS a qualified ecconomist. MAYBE then I’ll understand.)

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