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Where oh where have all the bricks gone?

More than 10,000 – 20,000 bricks were purchased when the Council Chambers were built in 1985, and placed into storage for future additions, plus the adding of more floors to the current Coffs Harbour City Council HQ. in Vernon Street.

Just another brick in the wall?

Reportedly last seen at either of the Council Depots in Nana Lane or Marcia Street .

If any Council employee, past or present can help track down these missing bricks, the Council General Manager, Steve McGrath would ‘love to hear from you’ we are sure.

There may be a substantial reward with no questions asked for whoever can locate these missing bricks or know where they have gone.

Or you can respond here by email to [email protected] or by Facebook Messenger to the Coffs Harbour City Council – Councillors, Staff, Former Staff & Volunteers Facebook site and any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Alternatively contact General Manager,Steve McGrath on 02 66484000?

First published at the Coffs Harbour City Council – Councillors, Staff, Former Staff & Volunteers Facebook site – November 14 2019.


  1. How on earth can a Council lose 20-30,000 bricks set aside for the redevelopment of the Council Chambers.
    TIME for an audit.
    Janne C Lindrum

  2. I believe I know where they are. Have emailed.

  3. This is theft, theft is a crime and crimes are handled by the police. It’s very sweet that Steve McGrath would “love to hear from you” but I suggest that is not an appropriate and commensurate response…Additionally, I would have thought that local government regulations dictates that council assets are subject to periodic audits. How often do these happen, are they independently conducted, who conducts them and when was the most recent audit undertaken, do councilors review asset audit reports and where are the records? This should at minimum provide a timeline and some key stakeholders…

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