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Changes are afoot at this November’s World Motor Rally

The World Motor Rally comes to the Coffs Coast in mid-November
again and the organisers have been in touch with past volunteers
and others updating them on new changes.
So we thought we’d let you share the info too.

(Our emphasis added in places)
Changes for Competitors & Spectators (Part 1)
There are a number of changes to the event for 2019 … not because there was anything wrong with the 2018 event, in fact we received VERY good feedback for the event from the competing teams and the FIA …

But we need to keep the event ‘fresh’ and interesting so every aspect has been reviewed and considered … 

So let’s start at the beginning …

Shakedown for both the WRC and Nationals is being relocated … the
WRC will be on the southern side of Bucca Rd – not in the Wedding Bells area, giving better access for spectators in a nice compact area, the
National shakedown will be moving to the Newry forest area (which is
not being used as a competitive stage this year). 

Reconnaissance for crews on the competitive stages will again be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday, as we did in 2018, some
stages will be set up as “one way” traffic for the duration of

The Rally Show / Ceremonial Start on Thursday afternoon will be down
near the water again this year, right next to the redesigned Destination
NSW Super Special Stage – and the first two competitive runs on the
Super Special Stage will be run on Thursday afternoon immediately after the Ceremonial Start!  This stage will be run another two times on Friday night but it will NOT be run on Saturday or Sunday.

Part of the redesign of this stage means there is no bridge this year –
spectators will be able to move around a much larger area to watch the spectacle as cars go up and around the back of the old Fishermans Club,
down and across the jump in both directions … plenty of action and an
opportunity for many of you to see the cars in action before we head out into the forests for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 
Changes for Volunteers (Part 1)   With competition getting underway
on Thursday afternoon the various teams that make the Super Special Stage happen will need to be on deck 24 hours earlier than normal – if you want to be involved here you will need to be available from around
lunchtime on Thursday onwards – but of course you will be finished on
Friday evening (leaving you with plenty of other opportunities to help
out on the Saturday & Sunday!)

Starting on Thursday also means that the normal Officials Briefing won’t be possible (everyone will be down watching the competition).  We are
working with CAMS to see how we can deliver this online prior to the
event or during the accreditation process.

Speaking of accreditation this will be moving to a building in the
University / TAFE complex – plenty of parking and no stairs … more
details as we get closer to the event!  
Changes for Competitors & Spectators (Part 2)

The Friday of the event uses similar stages to 2018 – 2 passes of
Coldwater, Sherwood and a new stage called Kookaburra Rd in the Bucca Forest, plus of course the second afternoon of the Destination NSW Super Special Stage …

Saturday sees the return of two stages we ran a few years ago –
Northbank & Utungun – but run in the opposite direction, Argents Hill Reverse and Welshs Creek Reverse are the same as last year and with those four run twice, and a single running of the Raleigh stage,
Saturday has the longest overall distance for the day (487.4km) – but not
the longest competitive distance.

Friday has the most competitive distance for the event (but it is closer to Coffs Harbour).  Competitive distances for each day are:-   
Thur = 2.66km
Fri = 122.88km
Sat = 116.97km
Sun = 81.32km. 

Sunday is very similar to previous years and, as we did in 2018, the events podium finish will take place just after the Power Stage.

With the new grandstands and some other changes around the C.ex Coffs International Stadium area that we use as Pedders Rally Central /Service Park the plans for the layout are being reviewed. 

The Media Centre and WRC TV operation will be moving to the C.ex International Stadium facilities.  We are planning to provide more activities here during the event, some of which should happen into the evenings, we will keep you informed as plans progress.
Changes for Volunteers (Part 2)
New shirts and hats.  Yes there will be a choice between a wide brimmed hat of some sort (we are still working out what they will look like) and a cap … as usual we have to order these items well in advance so the
guessing competition of how many shirts in what sizes, hats and caps
will be needed is currently underway.

Outlook ran a story in late May 2018 about the rally and Council ‘openess’ in relation to it; “Last week Council held its regular meeting (24 May) and once more our Councillors were ‘led by the nose’.  Ratepayers were yet again denied the opportunity to hear how the monies we pay to Council are used.  The old favourite of ‘commercial and in confidence’ inherently came to the fore.  The ‘peasants’ were not to be told the CHCC sponsorship costs related with Rally Australia 2018.

See more here:https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/our-future-and-the-chcc-commercial-and-in-confidence/


Editors note: This might be the last time the WRC comes to Coffs Harbour. At least for a while.  The Coffs Coast Outlook hears Destination NSW have given local rally organisers one last infusion of money. We also hear that the WRC are looking at NZ, Japan and China as new rally destinations. Meaning that they may possibly be looking at leaving Australia out of their program.

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