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The nation is losing the political will to protect our pristine places – biodiversity is suffering. (Big Read)

The Franklin River by Adam Morton Tue 30 Jan 2018 06.02 AEDT Last modified on Tue 30 Jan 2018 06.44 AEDT – originally published in The Guardian Australia  What if the Franklin river hadn’t been saved? Stopping the Gordon-below-Franklin dam was one of the Australian environment movement’s great victories: in […]

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Austerity, deficits and the tax the Coalition won’t collect

Australia’s uncollected corporate tax revenue almost exactly equals Australia’s annual budget deficit. Alan Austin reports. THE FACT THAT the Abbott-Turnbull Government has allowed extensive tax avoidance is now widely accepted. But how much tax revenue is bleeding? The answer is, almost exactly the same quantum as the $30-40 billion annual deficit. How do […]