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Has the Government been ‘telling porkies’ on plain package ‘ciggies’?

After the Wakefield survey results turned out to be unconvincing, the Australian government had another problem in demonstrating the efficacy of its plain packaging policy. Many government data sets showed that the prevalence or incidence of smoking had increased after the introduction of plain packaging. By Sinclair Davidson Of course […]

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Michael Pascoe: As commercial models struggle we need stronger public broadcasters, not weaker ones

It’s ironic Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has difficulty communicating. But don’t worry, I’m here to help: cutting the ABC’s funding makes perfect sense – if you’re pre-empting your own inquiry into competitive neutrality and doing One Nation and your media mates a favour. By Michael Pascoe Fresh from making an […]

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Why is it so hard to delete Facebook?

The recent Facebook scandal highlighted that personal information previously posted online can be used against us. The majority of people are concerned with how their data will be used but few contemplate permanently deleting their Facebook accounts. By Misia Temler Considering the potential major negative consequences of allowing personal information to remain […]