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Australia and NZ plan to slowly open economies. USA “courts disaster”

Australia and New Zealand prepare to open their economies safely but the U.S. is courting disaster if it eases restrictions now. By Alan Austin AUSTRALIA is currently an intriguing place to observe. And not just because of its first-ever winter without Aussie Rules and NRL football dominating the discourse. Some Australian states are […]

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China-Australia relations hit new low in spat over handling of coronavirus

Australia’s relationship with China is fractured. Arguably, this is the worst moment in Sino-Australian relations since Gough Whitlam normalised ties on his election in December 1972. By Tony Walker The Chinese saying “kill the chicken to frighten the monkey” would seem applicable in Beijing’s reaction to Australia’s push for an […]

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Clubs plead with State Government to be allowed to open

Clubs and RSLs will put an urgent plan to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian this week insisting they be allowed to reopen or risk more than 40 per cent of clubs closing permanently. By Alexandra Smith First published at The Sydney Morning Herald – Monday 27 April 2020. See; Clubs […]